Disorderly Events Ordinance

LEAVE IT AS IS!  The ordinance has gone before everybody and their mother, and nobody except Councilman Scott Gruendl wanted it changed until a small group decided to try and get the ordinance repealed.  Chico Mayor Andy Holcombe told the KPAY Drive at Five AFTER the group FAILED to get it repealed that he would like to see the ordinance changed because of the “perception” of the ordinance.  My question is, if the group FAILED to get enough signatures why should anyone care about the perception of a small group?  Now the measure is getting tossed around by the Internal Affairs subcommittee.  My suggestion is to leave it alone, or get rid of it all together.  Police still have the authority to break up unruly gatherings,  this would have given the power to do so on a lower level.


Hahahaha…Are you kidding me?

Read the article below and tell me what you think.  

   LOS ANGELES (AP) – The city that popularized the fast food
drive-through has a new invention: 24-hour medical marijuana
vending machines.
     The Los Angeles Herbal Nutrition Center installed pot machines
to give medical marijuana patients a dose of convenience with their
grass. There are now three so-called P-V-M’s in the city with
security guards nearby.
     Center owner Vincent Mehdisadeh says the 24-hour-a-day vending
machines offer convenience, low prices, safety and anonymity.
     But federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents say the pot
vending machine may need unplugging. DEA Special Agent Jose
Martinez says – quoting now – “Once we find out where it’s at,
we’ll look into it and see if they’re violating laws.”
     The computerized pot vending machine requires fingerprint
identification and a prepaid card with a magnetic stripe. Once the
card and fingerprint are verified, a bright green envelope with the
pot drops down a slot.
     Mehdizadeh says any user approved for medical marijuana and
registered in a computer database at his dispensaries can
pre-purchase the drug and then use the machine to pick up.

In the news business we come across some “interesting” items, but this almost seems to be a joke.  ATM Machines get STOLEN, but officials think a security guard will be able to stop a gang of thieves who can EASILY benefit by breaking into one of the machines or stealing it.  Wow, what will they think of next? 

Thompson Out


   NAPLES, Fla. (AP) – Fred Thompson is quitting the presidential
race, with a string of disappointing finishes for his efforts. The
Republican actor-politician is wrapping up his bid after finishing
third in South Carolina. The former Tennessee senator has not said
if he will endorse any of his former rivals.

Thoughts on the “Mainstream Media”

Working at a News-Talk station is interesting…you get to listen to talk show hosts bash the media and news coverage while you’re preparing newscasts for the top and bottom of the hour.  I’ve always thought it was somewhat a conflict of interest to have a News-Talk format.

Rush started it all with his “drive-by media” rants.  What many don’t realize is while he accuses the media of pushing an agenda, he is doing the same.  Rush is a radio guy first and foremost, and for that I respect him to the highest degree.  He is the reason talk radio is the Juggernaut it is today.   But he must also get ratings, and rule number one in radio weather it’s writing commercial copy or doing a talk show is “Conflict draws the listener in”.

I used to (still do sometimes) get flack all the time from listeners.   Although as word got out that I used to produce a conservative talk show, the accusations have become few and far between.  Have I changed the way I report the news, or has the PERCEPTION of listeners changed?  I also used to produce a cooking show which focused strictly on barbecue.  Does that mean I’m totally against frying a hamburger?

Also, the line between what is news and what is opinion gets blurred everyday.  You have Bill Mahr, John Stewart and others reporting news, and then making a joke out of it.  Hannity uses the term “up to the minute news” in his show.  But do you think these guys are really reporting the news, or just items they can put a spin on to get a rise or a laugh out of the listener? 

I guess what I’m getting at is not every reporter has an agenda…but every talk show host does.  Be kind to you local reporters as they work hard to bring you information.  Whether you chose to use it for you own personal gratification or complain about it over coffee is your business.  Either way, we’re doing our job.

It’s Been a While

I haven’t made many posts recently due to a heavy work load.  However, I will be updating this blog more often with reports and opinion.  In the meantime, feel free to check out KPAY’s new blog site at www.newstalk1290.wordpress.com There are no opinion blogs, but it gives the reader/listener a chance to comment and discuss.

Huckabee Weighs in on the Confederate flag

     It’s not up to me, it’s up to South Carolina.  Republican presidential hopeful Mike
Huckabee says the decision on whether to fly the Confederate flag should be made by state officials.  Huckabee stumping in Myrtle Beach, says the Government has no business getting involved in disputes over the flag.  He also said that if somebody came to Arkansas and told people what to do with their flag, “we’d tell ’em what to do with the pole.”  The former Arkansas governor didn’t say whether he considers flying the flag to be offensive, which some say is a symbol of racism and others say it shows Southern pride.  While I don’t think it’s a good idea to fly a flag that the KKK considers a symbol of pride, I do agree that the National Government should stay out of state affairs unless it is asked to intervene.

Happy Holidays!